Yet another tactic to attack police and enrich ambulance chasing “lawyers”

William Teach NAILS this!

I wonder if the editorial board of the USA Today realizes that if SCOTUS kills off qualified immunity for police they would be doing the same for politicians and government employees? Nah. This is really about some cop hatred

Not above the law: Supreme Court can protect citizens by striking down qualified immunity

Even before bipartisan Senate negotiations on advancing the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act recently broke down after months of negotiations, a key reform of police accountability was off the table: qualified immunity.

The judge-invented notion protects police officers from civil suits even if they violate someone’s constitutional rights, unless those rights have been upheld by the relevant federal appeals court in a similar case. Reform of qualified immunity is key to holding police officers responsible for misdeeds on the job. Cops can kill, rape and steal and never face accountability in civil court as long as the Supreme Court continues to enforce this misguided legal doctrine

Personally, I have never grasped why CRIMINAL actions like rape or murder should be handled anywhere but criminal courts, but, someone has to make trial lawyers rich I guess.

Actually, that is not correct. They can face criminal and civil penalties for certain misconduct that is not covered. But, the editorial board doesn’t want you to know that.

Fortunately, the court has several cases before the justices that offer the chance to reshape qualified immunity or to abolish it and related rulings that give federal officers even stronger protection from civil suits.

Among those waiting for the Supreme Court to decide whether to hear arguments are:

The piece gives a few examples of some misconduct, conveniently forgetting that the vast majority of officers are good people who do not do wrong, but, will be accused and sued personally for bullshit of QI is removed. How many hate hoaxes do we see? How many people are accused of misconduct that never occurred, which destroys their life? Some gets pulled over, given a ticket, and then will get accused of racism or sexual misconduct or something.

Go read it all. I highlighted the key part, that fake suits will rain from the sky, every traffic stop will be a risk for officers. Do the knucklr-draggers at USA Today ever think about consequenes? Like I said go read it all!!

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