Why does President Joe Biden hate border police? AND their horses?

Joe Concha takes the Biden administration to task for the despicable smearing of border patrol, and horses

Due process sometimes seems like a foreign concept to the Biden administration, particularly when it comes to how it deals with the crisis at the border.

This bedrock legal principle – so important that it appears twice in the U.S. Constitution – came to mind after President Biden declared during a short press conference on Friday that his own Border Patrol agents were guilty and would be punished.

“To see people treated like they did, horses barely running over, people being strapped,” Biden said of Border Patrol agents on horseback who were accused of whipping Haitian migrants trying to cross the southern border. “It’s outrageous. I promise you those people will pay. There will be an investigation underway now, and there will be consequences. There will be consequences.

“Those people will pay.” So much for innocent until proven guilty.

Go read it all!! And bravo to Mr. Concha!!

One thought on “Why does President Joe Biden hate border police? AND their horses?”

  1. You all ain’t payin’ attention.

    Think Compton, California where the Illegal (mostly) Hispanics killed or drove the AA ghetto gang-bangers into the surround. The “open” border is the way to recruit the army that will drive the African American “Team Ghetto” into the surround and make profits fot the property owners and grift for the Massahs. Ever wonder why the Chamber (Pot) of Commerce allied with the Corruptocrats (Dem, Bolshies, GimmeDats one and all)? If so, you ain’t been paying attention. Their “profit” will come off the asses of you and your family. And they plan on lots of “PROFIT”. That “profit” will be made on the bodies of your “significant other” ( a/k/a: Wife) and children. And you too busy playing “smart” word games to see what they are doing. BOHICA. They made millions off the Ghetto, your property and investments will be worth much more. Stock up on Petrolatum; you gunna need it.

    Cheap (affordable, ghetto) multi-gang housing in the suburbs and the attack on “White” “Suburban” gun owners are all support for the great ghetto relocation. If “Grams” can’t afford to set up a new hovel for the abandoned chillunz, and if the local “Honkies” have the means to resist by defending themselves, the whole “re-location” of the ghetto trash may fail. Resist! or enjoy your patio while you can. Guess what is coming to your neighborhood!

    You obsession with the “theoretical” and the “Libertarian Masturbation” keeps you from seeing the obvious. The import trash has one unifying characteristic; their distain for African Americans. Who do you think they will drive into your backyard?

    Open your eyes!

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