Weekend Links to inspire you

Leading off Feral Irishman with the Femme Fatale

From Bear Creek offes up a Hump Day post with links to idiotic leftists, politics, ooinions, humorous stories, and far more!

Knuckledraggin has hilarious GIFs

Bacon Time has some fine selections

Proof Positive is always a rich source of linky, kinky fun

Pirates Cove is, well, LINKFREAKINGTASTIC!

19th Ward looks at where stupidity can lead

Zendo Deb: Communism sucks!

Mike McDaniel has funniness

90 has a video about respect

Fritz has even more Russia, Russia, Russia

By Other Means has a thing for RED!

Blazing Cat Fur Why does the left hate gender?

Diogenes notes The King of Race Pimps getting well-deserved hate

The Notorious EBL salutes Ellie Taylor

Free North Carolina has a LEGEND!

Madd Medic offers this thought

Moonbattery has news of Joe, and taxes, and not paying taxes…

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