Yeah, parts of Oregon might be a lost cause at this point

Fritz has some news that a rational mind just cannot grasp

Vicky Taft at PJ Media finds Portland Activists Survey Themselves and Conclude Un-Woke Cops Are to Blame for Their Riots

Results of a survey taken after the Portland riots of 2020 and 2021 have just been tallied by a cop-watch organization and the conclusion is that un-woke cops – not actual rioters, protesters, rabid communists, and looters – are the reason they were so bad. Mayor Ted Wheeler says he’ll treat the survey seriously and the city council will consider adopting its suggestions.

Yeah, about that survey …

KOIN TV reports that the suggestions come, in part, from a survey by community activists in a cop-watch group called “Portland United Against Hate.” Activists “used a crowdsourcing tool called “ReportHatePDX to gather ‘first-hand testimonials from citizens engaged in First Amendment activities over the summer of 2020.’”

Among the more alarming suggestions was to “assess” the current crop of cops and any new hires for “harmful biases.” The report asserts, “This bias assessment procedure should go beyond what is already available through the Employee Information System. It is essential that PPB have a clear, consistent, zero-tolerance policy to detect and address harmful biases held by members of the force.”

Empowering thugs, bullies and criminals? This goes beyond foolish, this is evil. A bit more from the link

Recommendations included in the workgroup report include:

Equipment use recommendations

• Make permanent the existing ban on the use of CS gas by PPB, and extend it to other chemical weapons used for crowd management.

• Create a plan to mitigate the risks to public health and the environment in the event of chemical weapons use.

• Create clear and detailed guidance that establishes what levels of force are permissible under common circumstances that may arise in the course of crowd management.

• Adopt “soft clothes” for protest response. Opt for ordinary patrol uniforms or clothing that does not suggest the expectation of violence or combat when attending or responding to events where violence has not occurred.

Require comprehensive cultural diversity and anti-racism training vetted by members of vulnerable communities.

• Increase anti-bias training hours and frequency.

• Assess Bureau applicants and existing employees for harmful biases.

I see nothing except ideas that endanger and hamstring police, and would make it easier for injuries to police. I also see nothing about changing, or even having any expectations about controlling criminals, looters, etc. Again, this seems to be a move to help violent people have mote opportunities to commit violent acts. If the intent is to demoralize police, and embolden thugs, and increase clashes between lawbreakers and police, then they are on target. And, of course, we know that the blame for the increased clashes will be placed don’t we?

None of this, sadly, surprises me.

3 thoughts on “Yeah, parts of Oregon might be a lost cause at this point”

    1. SURELY Darn cops interrupting good, decent looters destroying businesses. Of course looting does not “hurt” anyone so it is cool they say. I want one “journalist” to ask how the folks who worked at these destroyed businesses are going to make a living though.

  1. Portland is hopeless because Mayor Theodork Wheeler is hopeless. Wheeler panders to parasites at the expense of business owners who create jobs and pay taxes. Drive downtown at noon. The repulsive outnumber the respectable. Good job there Ted.

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