Links for your weekend!

Feral Irishman leads off with the FFF. MUST SEE!

Pirates Cove has many links to peruse

Rio Norte has some wisdom you NEED to READ!

Pappy notes the Texas Governor doing Biden’s job AGAIN!

Freedom is just another word gives us a HUGE Kamala FAIL

Pirates Cove? Not a safe space for the Cult of Climate Change

Mike McDaniel is always a great read

Best of the Web? Proof has it!

Moonbattery looks at today’s “segregation”

Wirecutter has some highly inapropriate pics at his place and by inapropriate, I mean FUNNY

Crazy and Stupid? No way to live your life!

90 Miles notes some good news, We need more of this

Zendo Deb has lots of links

Fritz has a crush for bikini clad anglers

Animal ponders the mind of H.L. Mencken

AtheistConservative ponders a cold civil war

Like mysteries? Check out Kentucky Headhunter

The Other McCain has TESTICLEGATE!

The Last Tradition has some very agreeable takes

The Right Way has lotsa links leading to attractive women

Busted Knuckles notes those over the top lockdowns in Australia are not going well

Like fun facts? Check the Sonoran Conservative out Also, OH MY

The OTHER McCain, who never links me anymore, looks at the whole “family demands answers

Bacon Time sees an issue

By Other Means enjoys Cosplay gals

Diogenes has THIS! Depressing ain’t it?

The Notorious EBL has Schoolhouse Rock

Free North Carolina gives us the stupid “man”

Pacific Pundit notes that Joy Reid is a lying sack of hate

Moonbattery reminds us that EVERYTHING is RAAAAACIST! Yes THAT TOO!

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