I LOVE a happy ending. The Leftist Cult of Gun Control? Not so much!

Via Bearing Arms

Pro-Second Amendment voices have long claimed that constitutional carry is a benefit for society because it allows more armed citizens to be on the streets. After all, such laws remove all the barriers one can think of that might stop a law-abiding citizen from carrying a firearm

Since the bad guys are already carrying guns regardless of the law, constitutional carry makes it so the good guys can too.

That point was aptly illustrated recently in Texas.

An armed robber was shot in the face in Texas when his victim pulled out his own gun and shot at him, just days after a Texas law went into effect allowing residents to carry handguns without permits.

“He was shot in the face one time. He’s at the hospital. He’s going to live. He’s conscious and breathing right now,” Houston Police Department Lieutenant R. Willkens said.

The incident unfolded Wednesday evening in Houston when the victim was walking to a local Shell gas station to make a few purchases, SBG San Antonio reported.

The suspect in the case was dropped off around the same time, and approached the victim by lifting his shirt to expose a gun and demanded he fork over any valuables.

The victim, however, was also armed and pulled out his weapon and shot the suspect in the face. The suspect is in the hospital and in police custody.

I do love a happy ending. IN THE FACE!!!!

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