Sunday Links and joint pain!

Y’all check the links, I will cope with the joint pain

19th Ward sums up Democrats with one word

Wheelgun salutes Missouri honoring the MOST essential natural right

9o Miles contemplates the Evironmental Justice Agency?

Whores and Ale Defines Factually False but Politically Correct

Knuckledraggin has GIFMANIA!

Feral Irishman has the incredible Friday Femme Fatale Farrago

The California Recall? Fritz sees some possible fraud issues because- DEMOCRATS!

Animal Magnetism” Do y’all even know all the things we use fossil fuels for?

How awful and inept is Team Mumbles? Atheist Conservative explains

View From Lady Lake has memories

Bacon Time- Y’all will never take my coffee cans!

ObamaSez has LINKS!

The Other McCain has a story of the South, and Football!

Sonoran Conservative to the Liberals: We TRIED to tell y’all

Diogenes talks SEC!

RIO Norte on Hellscapes and Fools!

The Notorious EBL has some music

Be sure to check out Pirates Cove and Proof Positive for their AWESOME array of Links!

Pappy notes that Biden FAIL is Max Level

Pacific Pundit notes the Woke Joke of the Day

Free North Carolina looks at TRUTH!


Moonbattery, just when you thought……

Mike McDaniel- You gotta laugh!

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