Judge Strips Mother Of Custody Rights For Not Being Vaccinated

This is extremely frightening! Talk about statism and a judge overstepping their role…..

Via Pirates Cove

A Chicago mother is appealing a court order that revoked her parental visiting rights because she declined to be vaccinated against the coronavirus .

When Rebecca Firlit and her ex-husband of seven years participated in a child support hearing via video call on Aug. 10 for the purpose of determining the terms of shared custody of their 11-year-old son, Cook County Judge James Shapiro inquired about Firlit’s vaccination status. After Firlit told the judge she did not receive the vaccine because of adverse reactions she has had to other vaccines , he ordered her to be stripped of her parental right to visit her son until she has been vaccinated.

“I think that it’s wrong. I think that it’s dividing families. And I think it’s not in my son’s best interest to be away from his mother,” Firlit told local Fox-affiliate WFLD.

Firlit, who has spoken with her son on the phone and through video calls, hasn’t visited in person in over two weeks in compliance with the judge’s order.

This is a clear case of someone in a position of power that belongs nowhere near such power.

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