Weekend Linkage

Let us commence with The Feral Irishman and Friday Femme Fatale

Knuckledraggin has GIFmania

Whores and Ale? Good stuff!

Yid With Lid is all over Nirvana being sued…..

Woodsterman has some bikinis

This from Weasel Zippers is NOT good!!

View From Lady Lake explores the various levels of, stupid!

Victory Girls looks at the Left smearing Marines

Busted Knuckles has one crazy cat!

ObamaSez has some impressive links

Time to acknowledge no one is into College Softball Lesbian Sex more than R.S. McCain!

Funny Conservative explains how “gun control” laws work

Sonoran Conservative reminds us not to trust crows

Slow Facts is tired of Excuses from Dems

Rio Norte looks at the dangers that powerful fools pose

Proof Positive is a damned fine patriot!

William Teach s into topless protests?

Pappy has a history lesson

Pacific Pundit has more on Biden’s Bumbling

My Planet My Rules is puzzled about…….

Moonbattery notes that Marine Lt. General Stuart Scheller is a good soldier, who took a stand

Mike McDaniel gives our Funny Bones some Work!

Legal Insurrection notes that Soviet tactics are still around

A Hootenanny you say?

Madd Medic notes how litle Team Bidden cares about our military

Free North Carolina has an important bit of history

The Ntorious EBL is a Stoner?

Doug Ross has LINKAGE!

Diogenes looks at Kamala’s UNpopularity

By Other Means is very naughty

BattleSwarm you say?

Bacon Time has a dream destination

Animal has HUMP DAY!!

Fritz brings a HOTTIE!

90 Miles? A picture is worth… yeah

Zendo Deb? ALL about the links!

19th Ward ponders the Left’s overreach?

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