Sunday Links

Humor from Free North Carolina

19th Ward has more on Team Mumbles rank incompetence

What is it about Zendo Deb and naked, erratic men?

90 Miles From Tyranny has another mysteriously mysterious Mystery Box

Fritz notes that “They” be KRAZY

Animal Magnetism has his awesome Hump Day post

Whores and Ale sums up Team Mumbles

Knuckledraggin has Sunday videos and more videos

Feral Irishman has his Friday Femme Fatale post

A Nod to the Gods Adios!

Theo Spark has a cartoon collection

Right Way has links too!

Stacy McCain has the fruit not falling far from the tree story, Biden edition

Sonoran Conservative has a shocking fact

Bacon Time has LINKS to inspire

By Other Means has women playing games

Daniel Greenfield looks at a complete failure of American priorities

Diogenes notes the Talban being as evil as ever

The Notorious EBL has JONAHitis

Madd Medic has another WOKE = FAIL moment

Mike McDaniel, has FUNNIES!

Moonbattery has some EDUCATION!

Pacific Pundit has President Trump

Pirates Cove has THIS

Proof Positive has Links, and more LINKS, and…..

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