Your MUST-READ Post of the Day

Via Mike McDaniel

Imagine, gentle readers, your sociopolitical beliefs are infallible.  Whatever social or political policy you hold, it cannot possibly be wrong.  Whatever you attempt, it cannot possibly fail, because you and those of like mind, unlike all human beings before you, are intellectually and morally superior.  You know this because you and all of like mind agree on this, and everything else, and you don’t listen to lesser beings. What would be the point?  You know because when you and those of like mind compare your obvious superiority, your evolved perfection, to lesser beings—“Deplorables” or “Normals” if you will—the contrast is so stark as to be self-evident, and you make sure no one can avoid your assessment of your exaltation.  Your understanding of human nature and of all things affecting the human condition is unsurpassed in all of history.  You, unlike every terribly flawed human being before you—and of course contemporaries that have not reached your pinnacle of perfection—are solely fit to establish uptopia, heaven on Earth, once and for all.

Tragically, your policies are not properly appreciated.  When it appears they are failing or have failed, it cannot be true, because you are incapable of error. 


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