Where there is no leadership………….

The Other McCain lays out the magnitude of Biden’s Afghanistan FAIl!

Well, our alleged President is preparing to deliver a nationally televised speech in which he will, predictably, blame everyone else but himself for the dreadful mess he’s made of Afghanistan. Meanwhile, the media are spinning so hard they’re liable to go whirling off into orbit any moment now. NBC White House correspondent Monica Alba, acting as propagandist for the Biden regime, complained that “Republicans have seized on” the visual comparison between the situation in Kabul in 2021 and Saigon in 1975. Yes, I missed the memo from GOP headquarters and was left wondering whether to “seize” or “pounce” on this comparison. Last week, we were all pouncing, but now we’re back to seizing again.

Our media, as useful as tits on a boar! Go read it all

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