The Zendo One leads off with links-o-plenty

19th Ward has a tale of burritos, and scissors?

90 Miles has a box, of mysterious mysteries

Whores and Ale has a cute girl

Knuckledraggin has great videos HERE and HERE

Feral Irishman has the legendary Femme Fatale Post

Nod to the Gods says this is how it is done

From Bear Creek has he Wednesday Hump Day Link Fest!

Atheist Conservative has some gloomy thoughts I think we all do

Theo Spark has a cartoon roundup

Then Right Way has links!

The Other McCain has more of the mostly peaceful nuts

Chicago Police have no use for Mayor Beetlejuice

Bacon Time has LINKS TOO!

Blazing Cat Fur calls out the BBC

By Other Means has COSPLAY!

Sonoran Conservative says that pizza delivery drivers prefer women and also WOW!

Captain Capitalism has a message for Millennials

Daniel Greenfield has a shameful truth


LINKS! Check out the Pirates Place!

Links? Check out Proof’s Place!

Pappy ponders the “environmental impact” of leftist lies

Pacific Pundit ponders our VP the Village Idiot

The Notorious EBL has this on the CHINESE VIRUS

Free North Carolina looks at the “threats” DHS is focusing on

Moonbattery: When the Hell was noted carnival barker Nicole Wallace ever a Republican?

To close, I give you Mike McDaniel’s Sunday Funnies!!

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