Dear media hacks- Is it REALLY that hard to report facts?

First comes the false headline DeSantis order barring masks in schools faces first legal challenges

Well, the headline is very clear right? It says that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is BARRING, BANNING, FORBIDDING any masks in schools in his state. Many more people will read that headline, than read the story of course. And should DeSantis seek the GOP nomination, that headline will be repeated over, and over, for the next 3 plus years. Now, what is the issue you ask? Well, the issue is this. It is patently FALSE!

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ (R) ban on mask mandates in schools has received its first legal challenges in the form of two lawsuits that were filed on Friday, challenging the executive order’s constitutionality.

Sooooo, the headline is false. The governor is barring government mandates for mandatory masks. He, in no way, is forbidding or preventing teachers wearing masks. He is not barring parents from masking their children. He is NOT forbidding masks at all. But, of course, the important distinction is left out deliberately. No one is so incompetent that they would right a headline that is refuted by the very first paragraph of the story. This is the media, in effect, lying and running a smear ad against DeSantis. Again, observe

Attorney Barry Silver filed one of the lawsuits on behalf of his client, a father of three who has one child who is currently ineligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine and has a history of childhood asthma, CNN reports.

Again, who is preventing these parents to mask their child? No one is. They can buy masks, talk to the school about their child’s asthma can’t they? But, again, smearing Republicans is secondary to reporting facts. The rest of the story is more propaganda painting the narrative that DeSantis is banning teachers, parents, etc. for masking children. As I said yesterday on my podcast, expect the left to attack and demonize DeSantis even worse that they did Trump. This is a very clear example

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