DaleyGator DaleyThought #100

Rep. Cori Bush the BITTER BLACK WOMAN. Also a BITTER trans dude in a dress! And… more Covid CRAZINESS! and more!!!


2 thoughts on “DaleyGator DaleyThought #100”

  1. i really take offense at your vile description of certain people as ‘assholes’. Using that term that too many people too quickly use shows their blatant lacki of learning tha a simple search of the word in any competent dictionary would dispel. in aquite simple display of the proper use of the English Laguage – Assholes get rid of shit, ergo if they were assholes they would have gotten rid of themselves

    1. Well, Captain Grammar, when you start capitalizing the first word in sentences, learn to spell, among other mistakes, then I might take your critique seriously.

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