If our “leaders” really want more people to get vaccinated, they should act like it matters

As a person who is vaccinated, and would like more Americans to get vaccinated, I must ask politicians, who say they really care about more Americans getting a vaccine, one question. Why the hell don’t y’all follow your own rules?

Rep. Lauren Boebert called out the Chicago Mayor and the rock band Foo Fighters for their hypocrisy in enforcing covid restrictions. The mayor is postponing new covid restrictions until AFTER the huge downtown concert called Lollapalooza that attracts over 100K.

What’s even more hypocritical is the Foo Fighters recently asked only vaccinated people to attend their concerts. That is, until a vaccinated person came down with covid in a breakthrough case (see below). Yes, the need for these restrictions sure is urgent when the mayor conveniently postpones them until the Lollapalooza is over.

I must say, if the threat is as serious as they say, and, frankly, it is hard to say because everyone seems more interested in click bait, virtue signaling, and opining, than actually informing Americans to the facts, as they are known, then why allow that many people to gather? Also, why allow thousands of migrants to pour across our borders with basically no effort to test, vaccinate, or do anything to make sure the immigration wave is not the most super of “super spreaders”?

To be honest, how can anyone take clowns like Lightfoot seriously? On one hand, she says we MUST enforce new restrictions, it is life and death, but only AFTER we have 100,000 people attend a concert? I mean if the virus is spreading so rapidly, why wait? Can Lightfoot explain? Will the virus spread only AFTER this concert? Look, I want facts, not talking points, not politics, not agendas. That is what most of us want. So, if our leaders, and I use that term only in the loosest manner, really want more vaccines in more arms, they damn well need to act like it.

That means no more mask mandates that THEY do not follow. That means no more shutdowns that they do not enforce on themselves. That means not criticizing political rallies, as “super spreaders” while praising massive leftist protests and looting. That means shutting down businesses, many of which will never reopen while forcing Covid positive patients into nursing homes! It means we want CONSISTENCY DAMNIT!

Right now, they are acting like they do not care about anything, except lording over the people they obviously do not give the first damn about. If they care, our leaders need to act like they care, not like buffoonish hypocrites!

2 thoughts on “If our “leaders” really want more people to get vaccinated, they should act like it matters”

  1. If our “leaders” wanted us to be serious about taking the vaccine, they’d get serious about closing the southern border. You don’t run into the theater screaming “Fire!” and then sit down to watch the rest of the picture.

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