Sunday Afternoon/Evening Links

Here are some fine links to enjoy

Feral Irishman has the incomparable Femme Fatale Friday (some adult content) and laughs, and thoughts, and some funny stuff too

Wirecutter has some awesome videos. Yes AWESOME VIDEOS!

Kentucky Headhunter has some mask advice

So does A Nod to the Gods

19th Ward talks Adult Skills

The Zendo One? Always a MUST READ

As is 90 Miles From Tyranny

Fritz continues to follow the Leftist Obsession that will not die

From Bear Creek looks at more stupidity from The Cult of Gun Control

Woodsterman ponders blondes and bikinis

The View From Lady Lake has LOTS of love for Reagan!

Bacon Time : OH those gender reveals

Battleswarm covers Liability LUNACY

Blazing Cat Fur covers the slaughter of Nigerian Christians Go ahead guess the religion doing the killings

Theo Spark has this!!

Busted Knuckles had one of those days!

Obama Sez has RULE CINCO!

The Other McCain, Wisdom comes from many places

Diogenes ponders the Democrats addiction to FAIL

Free North Carolina has a Democrat forced into honesty

Doug Ross had mad links

Sonoran Conservative has some WOW!

Rio Norte has “Luxury Beliefs”

Proof gives us the BEST of the WEB!

Pirates Cove offers up his outstanding Blogless Pin-Up Post!

PhiLthy-Delphia notes the BREAKUP of Fox News and that Pillow Guy

Pacific Pundit notes Megan Rapinoe is whining, AGAIN

Mike McDaniel has his stellar Sunday Funnies

Moonbattery gives us Y.G.S.L.R.H. S.T.F.U.T.: Trans BLM Band

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