If the question is Violent criminals…………

Then PRISON is the damn answer!! RS Mccain explains!

Say hello to Cody Wayne Russell, and pray to God that you never encounter him, because Cody is the pluperfect example of what happens when the criminal justice system fails. There is a judge in Ohio who needs to be removed from the bench. He or she had a chance to send Cody to prison, but instead this dangerous felon was sentenced to probation.

Ah yes, the other side of the coin IS to remove judges that let violent, key word, violent criminals off with light sentences. Why? Well, how about this, protecting the citizens is the key responsibility of government, Go watch the video McCain posted, how many people would this thug have killed to get away? Why should he ever be released frankly? Consider the charges against Cody Wayne Russell WHEN he was released.

Last December, not long after he turned 18, Cody was convicted in Montgomery County, Ohio, of assaulting a police officer. Were it up to me, such a felony would mean serious prison time, because assaulting a cop should be considered an attack on the law itself. Such crimes are disrespectful, an expression dangerous antisocial tendencies, and I wish our courts were entrusted to judges who understood the importance of upholding the dignity of society by imposing harsh justice on those who exhibit an attitude of defiance toward the law.

Yet, he was released by a judge, was any regard given by that judge on how man innocent people might be harmed by Russell?

So (he says, taking a deep breath and trying to get his blood pressure down before suffering an apoplectic stroke) what happened was that Cody, like the vicious criminal he is, stole a black Dodge Durango and then stole the tag from a Toyota Avalon — apparently because in his dimwit criminal mind he imagined that having a stolen tag on a stolen truck would somehow deceive cops — and took off for Florida. In addition to grand theft auto, going to Florida was a violation of the terms of Cody’s parole, which forbade him to leave Ohio without authorization from the court. Cody traveled about 900 miles to reach Sumter County, Florida, where he was spotted near mile marker 322 by Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Eric Kjekstad. At that point, Cody was heading north in the stolen Durango, indicating that he was coming from somewhere further south, perhaps Tampa. Trooper Kjekstad reported:

You can watch the video of the pursuit, and again, Russell gave not one thought to the carnage he might have brought on innocent people did he? Clearly not. So, he was absolutely a deadly threat to the public. Yet he was released. Should the judge not have weighed the risk to innocent people? Shouldn’t protecting the public be the primary aim of sentencing laws? Again, go watch the video, and count the number of fatal accidents that might have happened. Shouldn’t criminals have fear of police? Don’t judges who release violent felons undercut the police? Consider one more thing from RS McCain

Sorry for another angry outburst, but this business of criminals having no fear of law enforcement is the real root of the problem


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