So, 16 teams in the SEC, now what?

How will the league be aligned now, or to be more precise starting in 2025? Here are the options, as my brain sees it

Keep two divisions East and West, The West would consist of Texas, Texas A&M, OU, Missouri, Arkansas, LSU, Ole Miss and Mississippi State. The East would be Bama, Auburn, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vanderbilt and Kentucky. A move to a nine-game conference schedule would be necessary, with two out of division games. I do suppose the league could play 10 games in conference, which adds another game out of division. This would help certain long-standing rivalries to keep being annual events.

There is the option of having four, four-team pods. Teams play three games in pod, and two teams from the other three pods, rotating those six games so they play every team from other pods once every other season. But, with that how do you decide which two teams play in the SEC title game? Best two records in conference? To me the pods, should that happen should be grouped thusly.

Texas, A&M, OU, and Arkansas in one. LSU, Mizzou, Ole Miss, Miss. State in another. Bama, Auburn, South Carolina, and Kentucky in the 3rd, and Florida, Georgia, Vanderbilt, and Tennessee in the fourth.

One thought on “So, 16 teams in the SEC, now what?”

  1. the ncaa should break that stupid s#!t up.
    your SEC east would stay the south east conference and your SEC west would become the south central conference.
    there fixed it.

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