Grocery shopping with Big Brother?

Via Moonbattery

The Biden Regime isn’t the only Western government to emulate China’s totalitarian Social Credit System. Under Boris Johnson, the British nanny state will impose something similar to ensure subjects eat as the Experts feel they should.

The supposedly Conservative government will launch an app by the end of the year to monitor the supermarket spending habits of families in the UK. Those who choose “healthier” options such as fruits and vegetables or engage in exercise will be rewarded with “loyalty points” in the app, which will translate into discounts and other incentives.

If everyone eats right and exercises, maybe socialized medicine will become sustainable.

The outgoing head of the [NHS], Lord Stevens said that the UK’s socialised healthcare system will be weighed down in the future if the government failed to tackle the rising obesity in the country.

A government with such power will surely not stop with just apps, or with monitoring food purchases. Sit and think where this might just lead

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