Organized Ignorance!

When you emotionalize everything, and push people to assume before waiting for evidence, what will you expect to get? The Other McCain explains

Because I watch a lot of police videos, the YouTube algorithm is always recommending more, the same way it’s always recommending more “how to play” guitar videos for classic rock songs. So in between watching breakdowns of guitar riffs (e.g., “Spirit in the Sky”) Saturday night, I watched a June press conference where police in San Jose, California, explained the shooting of Demetrius Stanley, 31. Watch:

Anyone who watched that briefing would understand why this happened, but the usual suspects didn’t wait to learn the facts:

What led to this shooting is that undercover officers were conducting surveillance of Stanley, who was wanted on a warrant related to a March armed robbery that stemmed from a road-rage incident where Stanley pointed a laser-sighted 9mm pistol at a teenager. Stanley was arrested and released on bond for that incident, but then police discovered that, because of a previous domestic violence conviction, Stanley was legally prohibited from possessing firearms. So an arrest warrant was issued for the gun charge, and officers were conducting surveillance to confirm Stanley’s whereabouts. Video clearly showed what happened — Stanley walks out on the street with a pistol, notices someone sitting in an SUV, opens the door of the vehicle and points the pistol at the driver, and is shot in response. The cop had no alternative.

Protesters are demanding justice for a man who was shot and killed by San Jose police officers on Monday night.
Dozens of people marched on the Guadalupe Freeway to police headquarters Tuesday evening. They chanted the name of Demetrius Stanley.

“Demanding justice,” as if the simple fact that the slain suspect was black was somehow conclusive proof that an injustice had occurred. Indeed, the niece of the slain man invoked history as justification:

Go read it all, and understand that the left has conditioned Black people to jump to conclusions rather than wait for facts. Sadly, too many people have now adopted this methodology and ignore evidence.

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