Awww Poor Poor Liz Cheney, she has contracted Look-At-Me-Itis!

I used to respect Liz Cheney. Yep, USED TO!

Liz Cheney: one of the few, the proud, the tone deaf, the Republicans who voted to impeach Donald Trump—after he already left office.  Beaten by Joe Biden, a senile puppet who, despite supposedly winning 81 million votes, can’t come close to filling a small theater for a much-hyped CNN Townhall, Trump peacefully, and in full accord with the Constitution, vacated the White House. Cheney’s Medal of Honor-class courage and fidelity to the Constitution won her the praise of the greatest defender of the Constitution in American history—just ask her—Nancy Pelosi.  Enter “liz cheney” into the SMM homepage search bar to find every article on Cheney.

Please go read it all. Mike McDaniel takes “Look at ME” Liz to the woodshed

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