Then they renamed every F#@%ing thing under the sun


Democrats in Washington have introduced a new bill that aims to clear official place names of language deemed racist or offensive. The Reconciliation in Place Names Act was put forward on Friday by Massachusetts Senators Elizabeth Warren and Edward Markey, as well Texas Representative Al Green, and is co-sponsored by 25 other House Democrats

I am so glad they are tacking important issues like border security, tax reform (simplifying tax codes, slashing most “deductions” and creating a flat tax with the same rate for everyone), national reciprocity for concealed carry, standing up to China, and ceasing the war on free speech, and so on. Instead they put this turd of a bill out! Here is more turdiness

If passed, the bill would allow 1,441 specific places in the U.S. to be renamed, as their current names have been flagged as offensive or as specifically containing racial slurs. The list would largely be made up of geographic features, such as forests, bodies of water, and general stretches of nature.

Congress wasting everyone’s time, energy and YOUR tax dollars to appease morons like this virtue signalling Marxist Moron

Professional Moron

4 thoughts on “Then they renamed every F#@%ing thing under the sun”

  1. If they do this, they’ll have to rename all the places named after Indian tribes since the last tribes to occupy the land killed off the previous tribes, took them into slavery, raped their women or forced them to flee. Sioux, Apaches, Cherokee and on and on.

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