Sometimes I worry, REALLY worry about our nation

19th Ward has this bit of perversionCondoms for 5th graders?

Speaking of perversion…. 90 Miles has this

Antifa militants attacked protesters again Saturday outside the Los Angeles spa where an outraged customer complained that a transgender individual’s male genitals were exposed to women and young girls in the female section.

A Nod to the Gods has some Reality!

Our media is trash-Weasel Zippers illustrates

Zendo Deb illustrates how going soft on violent people leads to more violence

Fritz has some frightening information, a MUST READ POST!

From Bear Creek has a Hump Day roundup you MUST READ!

Bacon Time ponders how the left defines “arsenals”

The Other McCain ponders another act of evil NOT committed by Trump voters

Blazing Cat Fur reminds us there is no appeasing the left

Knuckledraggin marvels at the idiots running Marxifornia

Feral Irishman offers an escape from bad news and loony leftists

Last Tradition: They really are that stupid!

Sonoran Conservative question the usefulness of swimsuits

Lots LOTS more Links at Proof’s place

Pirates Cove has a Sunday tradition

Pacific Pundit: And there goes Atlanta

Captain Capitalism gives some much needed clarity to todays adult brats

Daniel Greenfield: Leftism destroys….EVERYTHING


Free North Carolina- Senator Rubio wants to trade BLM to Cuba

Mike McDaniel has some humor

Moonbattery wraps it up by noting the left LOVES inflation now

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