Virginia PTA/NAACP Official does not think anyone opposing CRT should keep breathing

Oh, but of course, let us recall that “White supremacists” are the real threat, not Marxist agitators like this nasty-minded bigot More at The Right Scoop in case you cannot understand this woman’s mouthful of hate and bigotry.

According to Daily Wire, “Michelle Leete is Vice President of Training at the Virginia state PTA and Vice President of Communications for the Fairfax County PTA. She is also First Vice President of the Fairfax County NAACP and a federal employee.”

This protest in which Leete was speaking was a counter protest to the “Stop CRT Rally” which happened yesterday. Leete went through a whole litany of issues which she claimed the anti-CRT protesters were against: ‘anti-education, anti-teacher, anti-diversity, anti-science, anti-healthcare, anti-children’ and many more. After she finished her exhausting and absurd list, she exclaims “let them die!” The crowd erupts in applause.

This woman, and the scum who cheer her threatening words are something to be very concerned about. What happens when some leftist decides to put action to her words? Just another very clear reason to never give up your ability to defend yourself. It is becoming clear what some of these loons are looking for. Be careful out there

2 thoughts on “Virginia PTA/NAACP Official does not think anyone opposing CRT should keep breathing”

  1. Such people are the ones declaring the field on which the debate will be decided, whether they have the stomach for it or not. Prepare to defend yourselves, and your children.

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