Noted loud mouth runs afoul of the Cultural Stalinists, promptly bends over for them

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, loud mouth, and coward

In a time of social and racial unrest, uttering insensitive or controversial statements is always going to cause an uproar.

In the case of Stephen A. Smith, he’s getting a considerable amount of heat after his recent remarks regarding Team USA’s loss to Nigeria.

“There’s no excuse to lose to Nigeria… [To lose to] some dude Gabe Nnamdi, who goes by Gabe Vincent and plays for the Miami Heat. Or Caleb Agada. Or Nma… however the hell you pronounce his name,” Smith declared. “You give up 60 points on 3’s? Excuse me, you can do better than that.”

Well, lets be honest here. First, Nigeria is not on the level of the USA in basketball, so, the loss is an embarrassment. Of course this was an exhibition game, so, who really cares. But, this is what buffoons like Smith do. They overreact and blow things out of proportion, and yes, they yell, constantly. They do it for ratings, because other buffoons enjoy yelling at their TV or radio, so……… we get it. The real issue here is this, Smith owed no one an apology, yet, the King of all Bloviators put on his Social Justice Warrior knee pads and apologized, like a little bitch! Some tough guy he is. He will tell it like it is, and, buddy, if you do not like it, well he will grovel and whine, because that is what “tell it like it is” types do these days. When the going gets tough, the tough little bitches prostrate themselves like a whipped puppy.

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