Volunteers huh?

President Mumbles wishes to dispatch “community volunteers” to go door-to-door to ask you, and me, and everyone if we have had a Covid vaccine, OK, I have had it, but should I, or anyone feel OK with being asked by an agent of the government? Pirates Cove offers up a very solid argument

Dementia Joe and Jenn Psaki both literally both said that “we” were going to send people door to door. But, you know the Credentialed Media has to protect him, and help with all the spin due to Joe saying something dumb yet again. Where is the “distortion” or mischaracterization?

But, now, consider, what is the legality of giving private, personal, protected information on U.S. Citizens to “community volunteers”, much less other government employees? This cannot be legal, nor is it ethical. Where would this data be coming from? As far as I can determine, state information on who has been vaccinated is not shared with the federal government, other than the number of people who have been vaccinated. By what law would the state give your vaccine status to the federal government? By what law is it legal to scroll through the database of citizens for this information? You would have to compare the rolls of the vaccinated with those who aren’t. Where? What? Tax rolls?

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