No matter how much Lysol we use, the stench of the Lincoln Project lingers

“Republicans” like Steve Schmidt did not simply “oppose” Trump. Instead, they banded together and told bald-faced lies about Trump, spouted wild-eyes conspiracy theories, soaked up media attention for personal gain, and worst of all, abandoned every “principle” they claimed to hold dear. And, as The Right Scoop points out, they are milking it for all it is worth

Dangerously deranged conspiracy theories anyone? Anything to make some bucks I guess. This type of rhetoric is deplorable. Did Schmidt ever give a damn about ANY republican principles? Of course not, he cared about the influence and cash it gave him. When he saw a path to more fame and money? He, and the rest of the SUPER-DUPER-ULTRA-MEGA-PRINCIIPLED Lincoln Project members took it. How can I make such a strong accusation? Opposing Trump, the man, was one thing. But, they opposed everything he did, no matter how Conservative or beneficial to the nation. Opposing a Republican is one thing, but they completely tuned their backs on EVERYTHING they had swore they believed in. Now that Trump is not president any longer, are they opposing Biden’s hard-left policies? No, instead, they are attacking Trump supporters and painting them as radicals. Why? $$$$$$ is why!

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