So, releasing violent felons will not increase crime………..

Conservatives, and even actual Liberals call BS on this, but, then facts………….

The Illinois State’s Attorney for Cook County (Kim Foxx) would much rather deal with the liberal media, and their support of her narrative. AWOL on felony case for over a year, man’s accused of murdering one, shooting two others | CWB Chicago

Kim Foxx doesn’t like the fact that CWB has been tracking people out on bail after a felony arrest, who have been arrested on a new charge of murder, or attempted murder, or for shooting someone.

And we know it is CWB Chicago, because the rest of the media can’t be bothered to report on the numbers. The numbers make the Democratic policies in Cook County look misguided, and we can’t have that.

It’s notable we only started keeping track of people who killed, tried to kill, or shot other people while on bond after Cook County’s chief judge had the cojones to publicly state, “we haven’t had any horrible incidents occur using [his new bail] system.”

Evans made that statement in October 2019. Without much effort, we reported on 14 cases that year in which people were charged with murder, attempted murder, or shooting someone under his new bail system.

There were 40 cases in 2020, and so far there have been 25 cases in 2021.

Wow, so the numbers of this idiotic policy are actually growing, and need I remind everyone that the people disproportionately hurt are Black, yet the left persists. And the left calls the right racist? Consider this case

We reported on 40 defendants who were similarly charged in 2020. There were 45 people victimized in those “not horrible” incidents. Today, we introduce you to defendant number 41. His name is Justin Jones.

Since going missing on a felony case in 2019, Jones killed one man, shot and robbed two others, carjacked a motorist, and got arrested with a gun while driving yet another hijacked vehicle, according to prosecutors.

The story, as Kim Foxx might say, is sensational.

It all began on Christmas Eve 2019 when Jones, pretending to be a juvenile named Ernedz Gross, stole $1,286 worth of merchandise from the TJ Maxx store at Clark and Diversey in Lincoln Park, according to prosecutors.

Judge Susana Ortiz released him on his own recognizance. And Jones never showed up in court again, records show. A judge issued a warrant for his arrest on January 2, 2020. But he was never picked up.

Instead, prosecutors say, he went on a months-long violent crime spree that wouldn’t end until one man was dead and two others were maimed.

Yet, the left persists.

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