Weekend Links

The Zendo One loves self-defense stories

19th Ward asks if Chicago Mayor Lori Light-in-the-Head be a RAAAAACIST

90 Miles From Tyranny notes how dangerous lax border security can be

Fritz looks at the 2020 elections, spying on Tucker Carlson, and lots more

From Bear Creek has his exceptional Hump Day News

Atheist Conservative ponders what the Chi Coms might do next

Whores and Ale ponders the very worstest of the worstest things EVAH!!

Knuckledraggin Damn Aussies!

Feral Irishman- Damned RINOs

A Nod to the Gods notes the mental decline of some Americans

Lid Blog looks at the left’s wet dream of Socialist Utopia

Bacon Time illustrates “Social Justice”

Battleswarm has the idiocy of gun control

Bayou Renaissance Man salutes the Bee!

By Other Means is seeing RED

Cold Fury looks at degenerates

Want toons? Head to Theo Spark

Busted Knuckles?

The Other McCain reminds us CRAZY=DANGEROUS

Last Tradition- The $15 an hour “living wage” kills jobs

Sonoran Conservative has a Fun Fact

Diogenes takes noted racist to the woodshed!

Free North Carolina looks at the targeting of Trump

Madd Medic- Gun Lies!

Legal Insurrection- Ideological Capture

Moonbattery looks at Stacey Abrams as a con artist

Mike McDaniel shares some wisdom from Carol Swain

Pacific Pundit discusses “extremist warnings” on Facebook

Pappy talks about loss of control

Proof has a great quote

Pirates Cove closes us with CNN having vapors

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