UNC caves gives noted Marxist tenure

Oh yes, yes, I know Nikole Hannah-Jones is a “highly respected” journalist for the NY Times Magazine Communist propagandist, but these days Commies are “cool” and it is all the rage to bow and scrape before them them. So, now, she is a tenured professor at the University of North Carolina because, again, “Commies are cool“. The Right Scoop has more

UNC Chapel Hill couldn’t take the heat and has now caved to the mob on their previous decision not to offer Nikole Hannah-Jones tenure:

THE HILL – University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill trustees have voted to approve tenure for New York Times Magazine journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones after reports she was previously denied it.

NPR reported that the trustees voted on Wednesday to approve tenure for Hannah-Jones, who had been tapped by the school recently to serve as its Knight Chair in Race and Investigative Journalism. The position is usually a tenured role.

Well, why not? Who else but a hard core racist could fill such a seat right? Now she can teach college students that White people, Capitalism, Natural Rights, honest debate, anyone who has a different view and America are evil. And she can teach them to hate their country, and critical thinking, and if they are a minority, they are victims of “Whiteness” because White people are all super-privileged oppressors and America is irrevocably flawed and stained by White supremacy. She can also teach them that they must help erase America so that we can have “equity” and social justice. And, if anyone disagrees, well they will be dealt with with love, and tolerance, threats apparently

Rumble — BLM blocked a car in which black transgender Minneapolis City Council Vice President Andrea Jenkins was a passenger. They wouldn’t let the car move until Jenkins agreed to their list of demands and signed it.

WARNING: Strong language

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