White Supremacy, Fetanyl, overdoses, social media idiots, media activists, and false narratives……..

You are likely scratching your head and asking yourself what all of these things have in common. Robert Stacy McCain explains

What are your feelings about methamphetamine? How about fentanyl? Crack cocaine? What does the phrase “drop the knife” mean to you?

The reason I asked these questions has to do with (a) the guy who shot a cop in Daytona Beach and (b) a certain Instagram “influencer.”

You see, after George Floyd’s death last year produced riots in major cities, every bimbo with an Instagram account seemed to decide that she and her followers needed to have a “conversation” about white supremacy. And I don’t want to single out the one particular influencer whose post I happened to be looking at last night that triggered my reaction, because it doesn’t really matter — they all did it.

So never mind who it was that wrote that particular post about her need to reflect deeply on how she had benefitted from white supremacy, and what she needed to change to avoid inflicting harm in the future. It’s irrelevant, because if you read one of them, you’ve read them all. And now, with school boards across the country erupting in debates over Critical Race Theory, this insipid nonsense has become a national issue.

Go read it all it is key to understanding much of what is happening in this nation at present

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