And, the only way to stop climate change is……..

Gender Equality? Professor William Teach explains

Gender equality is important weapon against climate change

Climate change can be devastating for everyone, but it affects women and men differently, according to a new report by the European Investment Bank (EIB).

The report noted that projecys and investments that aim to counter climate change are less effective when they are implemented without women’s meaningful participation.

The EIB’s roadmap for €1trn of climate and environmental investment over the next decade highlights the effectiveness of well‐targeted investment in assisting the “green transition”, and contributing to social development and gender equality.

“Gender-responsive climate actions can strengthen climate and environmental outcomes and often make a solid business case for investment,” the bank’s gender specialist, Moa Westman, noted in the new report, titled Global Solutions, International Partnerships: the European Investment Bank Development Report 2021.

Please go read it all. And weep that some folks actually buy into this garbage

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