How did this woman ever get elected to…..anything. anything at all

Soooo, we have a vice-president who is brilliantly brilliant, remarkably remarkable, and outstandingly outstanding, or so the left, and the media, tell us. But, do they actually believe such blatantly false descriptions of Kamala Harris? How could they? How could anyone?

Harris was, possibly the worst presidential candidate since Super Entitled Hilary. Kamala, like Hilary, not only possesses zero charisma, but actually eradicates any charisma anyone within a mile of her has.

Ask her a question and she giggles like a child and acts as if the question is just silly. Lester Holt of NBC News recently noted that Harris, who President Biden gave charge of the border crisis, has yet to actually visit the border. Her response was, besides giggling, that she had not been to Europe either, so…….. Good Freaking Grief how did she ever gain any office, ever?

Yet, she has been DA of California and a US Senator from Cali too. AGAIN, how? I can say honestly that she is as unimpressive a person, in every way as I have ever seen. Yet, the media swoons over her. But, the really great news is she is a proverbial heart beat away from, yeah, you know the rest.

God help us. We have to be honest though, we have many people in all levels of government who are unimpressive. Depth? Common sense? Wisdom? You could look all day and find very little of those in so many “leaders” in government. And we wonder why we are in such a mess?

One thought on “How did this woman ever get elected to…..anything. anything at all”

  1. Makes ya realize that there have been ‘voting irregularities’ for a LOT longer than most folks understand. Especially true in kalypornia where she only managed to get some TWO percent support in her ‘presidential’ run……………..

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