The truth about the Texas election law

As usual, the left is lying about it to panic and anger gullible people

Nonsense: Senate Bill 7, the Election Integrity Protection Act, isn’t some dastardly effort at voter suppression. It mainly ensures that procedures adopted amid the pandemic don’t become routine going forward, for example banning 24-hour voting and drive-through voting — which officials in Harris County, the state’s largest and home to Houston, put into place in the face of COVID.

Such rules allow “the opportunity for voter fraud when no one is looking,” argued GOP state Rep. Jared Patterson, noting: “Momma always said nothing good happens after midnight. That includes at polling places.”

Other provisions are election-integrity no-brainers, such as making for-pay vote harvesting — collecting absentee and mail-in ballots that you then deliver to election officials — a crime. It would give increased protections to partisan poll watchers, institute stricter requirements for mail-in ballots and let courts void elections in which the number of fraudulent votes were enough to change the outcome. None of these heralds an end to Lone Star State democracy.

And the bill still allows two weeks of early voting, which is more than many other states have; it even increases the hours polls must open for early voting

Go read it all, and never forget that truth is not valued by the left

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