AGAIN! Media conveniently misses story of armed teacher saving student from kidnapping!

Maybe MSNBS or CNN could hire Zendo Deb to report such news

Yes, there are armed teachers at some schools. Armed teacher stops attempted kidnapping in Utah, police say | WKRN News 2

A 41-year-old man accused of trying to kidnap an 11-year-old girl from a Utah school is in custody, and a teacher is being hailed as “a hero.”

Ogden police arrived at Lincoln Elementary School in Ogden on Tuesday after the teacher was able to stop the suspect, later identified as Ira Cox-Berry, and get all 20 students off the playground and into the school, authorities said.

He held the guy until cops arrived. Oh, he also managed to call 911 while all of this was going on.

Of course the media also forgot to report the mass shooting that was stopped by an armed citizen in Ft. Smith, Arkansas. Narratives before news I guess

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