Saturdays Linkfest

By Other Means features women and firearms

Daniel Greenfield: Does Biden wants a war in……..

Diogenes reminds us that the Lincoln Project and CREEPY just go together

The Notorious EBL gives us her take on the evil of Hamas

First Street Journal ponders the future of crime ridden Philly

Free North Carolina shows the propaganda the left is spreading about Jan. 6th.

Sonoran Conservative has a fun fact or maybe two

Rio Norte looks at Utah rejecting Critical Race Theory

Looking for the BEST of the Web? Visit Proof Positive

Pirates Cove has the latest from the Oregon/Idaho love affair

Philthydelphia: What price does President Mumbles expect the “unwashed” to pay?

Pacific Pundit notes the Hamas-Iran connection

Madd Medic pretty much sums up Trump’s America vs Biden’s America

Legal Insurrection has you crystal clear moral clarity concerning Hamas and Israel

Mike McDaniel: Trump stood up for Israel, Biden, not so much

Moonbattery- YES, the Climate Cultists DO expect us to eat larva

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