Your Friday Linky Love!

Links to peruse o a beautiful Friday

Whores and Ale ponders RAAAAACIST furniture and appliances

Wirecutter has roastings

Irish has last Friday’s Femme Fatale greatness

Nod to the Gods has THIS GUY

19th Ward is so done with Mayor Beetlejuice

Zendo Deb notes, again, that self-defense is GOOD!

90 Miles has a mysterious box…………..

Fritz: Some Oregonians have the hots for Idaho

From Bear Creek has his annual commencement speech that would trigger snowflakes

Bacon Time has, OH MY!

Battleswarm has Texas, again standing up to Marxism

Bayou Renaissance Man looks at inflation

Blazing Cat Fur has bad news from a great state

The Lid ponders how far the Democratic Party has fallen

Weasel Zippers: MSNBS guest compares Israel to Jim Crow mob

Busted Knuckles: SO CLOSE!

Theo looks at how fools rule

The Other McCain. Democrats be Hatin

The Last Tradition has a mother who ain’t having Critical Race Theory

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