Armed citizen (Good Guy with a gun) stops mass shooting, Cult of Gun Control’s narratives hardest hit

Via Bearing Arms

A shooting in Fort Smith, Arkansas that left an elderly woman dead could have had many more victims, according to neighbors, if an armed citizen hadn’t stepped up and put down the killer on Saturday morning.

Police say that 87-year old Lois Hicks was shot and killed in her apartment by 26-year old Zachary Arnold, who then continued to fire rounds from a rifle at other apartments in the complex on the city’s south side, targeting other residents.

Neighbors who witnessed the shooting say Arnold was trying to persuade people to come outside of their apartment buildings.

“He was yelling and screaming, “You guys get out here, come out here, everyone get out of this building right now,” says Janey Peugh, a resident of the apartment complex.

But, another resident put a stop to the shooting

That neighbor who “put an end to the shooting” apparently grabbed a rifle of his own and fatally shot Arnold, though police haven’t released many details of the incident. While we don’t yet know what motivated Arnold to kill his elderly neighbor, it’s clear that, as resident Amber Lane told local media, there could have been many more victims were it not for the quick response by the armed citizen.

Don’t expect the national media to give this story the same type of wall-to-wall coverage it gives to shooting incidents with higher body counts. The Washington Post and New York Times won’t be editorializing about the need for more armed citizens, like they regularly opine about the need for more gun control after high profile shooting incidents. Instead, this story will be quickly forgotten by the media. Heck, I can’t find any mention whatsoever of this attack in the local paper, though a couple of the Fort Smith television stations had coverage of the shooting over the weekend.

The lack of coverage highlights a serious problem within the news media. When evil individuals successfully carry out their murderous plans, the press is eager to spread the news far and wide. When a good guy with a gun puts a stop to an attack, however, the story is relegated to a brief mention on the local news.

How true. Of course if the media just did their job, it would be a different story. But their agenda comes before fact-based reporting

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