The Zendo One notes that Chicago actually allows self-defense

90 Miles compares then to now

Fritz has yet more about that last election

From Bear Creek’s Hump Day Roundup IS an absolute MUST READ

Bacon Time has some great links to peruse, but maybe one more link to a certain blog would make it even greater

BattleSwarm looks at the GOP and Hispanics and sees good news

The Bayou Renaissance Man has some truly great tunes if you like guitar greatness

Kentucky Headhunter notes that the definition of “Racism” is being written, LITERALLY

Knuckledraggin offers up a gifdump that is a must see

Feral Irishman offers up a great and ADULT oriented Friday Femme Fatale

The Lid notes that Nancy Pelosi thinks all Black Hall of Famers look alike………

Theo Spark has TOONS!!

The Right Way has some Rule 5!!

The Other McCain: DIVERSITY? BAH!

Last Tradition has what the media NEVER tells you

The Funny Conservative has Mothers Birthing Person Day

Sonoran Conservative always has fun facts

SlowFacts No, Police are NOT racists, Democrats are

Rio Norte notes how to beat the Alinsky Rules

Proof Positive has a tremendously tremendous set of links to check out

Blazing Cat Fur looks at the WOKE training for Disney employees

By Other Means has CosPlay gals

Diogenes has fun at “Tank” Abrams expense

Eat Gruel Dog has THIS!

Free North Carolina has Don Lemon getting history WRONG

It Ain’t Holy Water has parody, that is close to reality

Legal Insurrection notes that Washington State has a very foolish governor

Mike McDaniel has his hilarious Sunday Funnies

Moonbattery has a pastor arrested for “inciting” people o go to church

Pacific Pundit: Biden wants reparations for illegals…..

Pirates Cove has the Blogless Pin Up Post It is a MUST SEE

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