When are we going to learn not to release violent felons?

When indeed?

 Ex-con Jarrod Powell arrested in attack on Asian man in NYC

The guy arrested in Jarrod Powell.

Cops on Tuesday arrested a 49-year-old ex-con who they say is the monster caught on video repeatedly kicking an Asian man in the head last week in East Harlem.

This guy is known to police. Is anyone shocked?

Powell — who has at least 33 prior run-ins with the law, the majority of which for assaults, dating back to 1988 — was arrested early Tuesday and charged with two counts of felony assault, cops said.

Really how hard is it to figure this out? Also, when is the last time we heard any politician address this?

One thought on “When are we going to learn not to release violent felons?”

  1. POS scumbag with a violent criminal past – averaging at least 1 arrest per year since he was 16 years old.Society wouldve been much better off if this waste of tax money (not to mention oxygen) had been taken out years ago…

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