Another “Saint” shot by police

We all know now that no matter what the facts are, the left will likely seek to grant sainthood to this thug because FAKE NARRATIVES

When two cops have guns pointed at your head, and they are telling you to put your hands up, a reasonable person might comply, even if you think they are in the wrong.

This guy wasn’t reasonable. Omaha police release videos from Kenneth Jones shooting.

The Omaha Police Department on Friday released the main portions of the two officer body camera videos and cruiser camera video from the Nov. 19 fatal shooting of Kenneth Jones.

Even in the face of all of the video, an “advocate” trying to have the video released, didn’t think he should have been shot.

Let’s review:

  1. He was high on PCP
  2. He was not complying with the “show us your hands” commands
  3. He had a loaded .45 caliber weapon
  4. He was a felon in possession of a firearm
  5. He was trying to draw that weapon on police

At what point do you think he should have been shot? After one of the officers was wounded?

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7 thoughts on “Another “Saint” shot by police”

  1. I believe almost everyone has seen enough cop shows on tv to understand that if the police have their weapons drawn, you stick both hands/arms out the window ASAP and comply with their demands along with answering any questions in “yes or no” so they have greater clarity into your specific situation and don’t move too abruptly. A felon with a loaded weapon is another felony, duh, even the criminals know that. And logic would dedicate that a felon with a loaded 45 ACP, at night, is out to cause or looking for trouble. Sorry that’s what 99.95% of people would say if you didn’t involve race or gender into the question.

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