Team Biden-Damn the Dams

The Zendo one notes that while almost everything is “infrastructure” dams, somehow, are not

Dam safety advocates feel forgotten in Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure plan. (Pay no attention to the public-safety issue behind the curtain.)`

“We have 90,000 dams in America, and so many of those dams are aging and in need of upgrades,” Spragens said, adding that $20 billion is needed just to repair dams in high-population areas where a failure could be catastrophic. “If you’re going to spend $2 trillion on a plan to improve the nation’s infrastructure, we think it’s very important that some of this infrastructure funding go to a serious public safety issue that affects every state in America.”

Democrats should just be honest, every spending bill they pass should just be called what they are How about The $Trillion Bill for shit Democrats want

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