Equality and the Left’s bastardization of the concept

Equality is a wonderful sounding word, until Leftism twists it, and ruins it, until it means anything but actual equality. The Left has ruined the word, because, leftism destroys everything worthy and good. Stacy McCain has a great example of this

Certainly I suspect that all the liberal propaganda surrounding the issues of race, crime and law enforcement has warped many people’s judgment to the point that they think of criminals as symbolic representatives of the black community as a whole. From this warped point of view, only racists — RAAAAACISTS! — support law enforcement.

We are expected to make excuses for criminals, if they are black, because (according to liberals) black people have no choice. To be black is to be a victim of poverty and discrimination, and therefore (according to liberals) it is wrong for police to attempt to apprehend black criminals.

In this warped liberal worldview, “equality” means that enforcing the law is wrong, if it requires arresting black people. These implied premises of their argument are never stated explicitly, because once they are exposed as such, the dangerous consequences are obvious. No one’s life or property would be safe in a world organized to fit the liberal worldview.

If a man can steal a $20,000 car without worrying that he’ll go to prison when the police catch him, why not become a car thief? Beats working for a living, doesn’t it? And yet, in expressing sympathy for the car thief who died after wrecking the stolen Hyundai, the liberal seems not to grasp the potential consequences of his belief system. All he needs to know is that the dead thief was black, and this means the cops were wrong.

Just in case my meaning is not obvious here, let me say that the vast majority of black people are not car thieves. Most black people are law-abiding citizens and, I dare say, would be very angry if Marcus Thomas had stolen their Hyundai Elantra and crashed it into a wall.

We should be able to walk and chew gum at the same time, so to speak, when dealing with the issue of race and crime. We ought to be able to look at crime statistics and see that, while black suspects are vastly overrepresented as perpetrators of crime, these criminals are nevertheless a fraction of the black population. Most black people are not criminals and are also disproportionately overrepresented as victims of crime. When we see the latest statistics about shootings in Chicago — where 298 people were shot in the month of March, a 70% increase from the same month last year — we know not only that most of the shooters are black, but also most of the victims are black. So if we want to prevent black people from getting shot to death, cops are going to have arrest the black criminals responsible for these shootings. Q.E.D.

Go read it all, it has more than your daily dose of what America needs, that is common sense. The fact is you will never hear such thoughts, such wisdom on CNN, or MSNBS, or even Fox. Anyone daring to speak common sensical things would be cancelled immediately, because fake outrage is of such value today, especially to the left.

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