Some news about George Floyd the media ignores because “Narratives Matter”

Head over to The Other McCain for some crucial information about the trial for former Milwaukee police officer Derek Chauvin. The media, of course, is ignoring many of these facts because they are no longer in the news business. They are doing narratives now

Most people seem to believe that Derek Chauvin is going to be found guilty, simply because of the emotional content of the testimony, and I suppose they’re right. Today, the prosecution called George Floyd’s girlfriend as a witness, and she boo-hooed during most of her testimony, which was characterized in the media as being about her and her boyfriend’s “struggle with addiction.” Excuse me if my eyes just rolled out of my head, but where was all this sympathy for drug users back when I was a teenage dope fiend? If I had gotten myself killed by cops while being arrested back in the day, I’m pretty sure nobody would have rioted on my behalf. Just another dead teenage dopehead — so what?

The emotional components of this trial, with George Floyd turned into a martyr for “social justice,” and Derek Chauvin treated as a symbol of “systemic racism,” may well indeed suffice to produce a guilty verdict, but on the other hand, maybe facts still matter. And the fact is that George Floyd died of a fentanyl overdose, with three times the lethal level of fentanyl in his system. It was obvious to Chauvin and the other cops on the scene that Floyd was under the influence of something, but they had no way of knowing that he had swallowed enough fentanyl to kill himself. However much emotion is generated by the video of Chauvin with his knee on Floyd’s neck, that’s not what killed him.

But let’s talk about something else that’s quite relevant to this case, namely, what was George Floyd doing at that store?

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One thought on “Some news about George Floyd the media ignores because “Narratives Matter””

  1. What Floyd did or did not do before the police laid hands upon him is irrelevant. Their job was to arrest him using ONLY the amount of force required to do so…NO MORE. Once he was prone with his hands cuffed behind his back the legal justification for continued use of force CEASED. The presence of Fentanyl in his blood is a red herring. The amount MIGHT have killed him….and it MIGHT NOT. We can NEVER KNOW…..because the police KILLED HIM FIRST. It’s called “positional asphyxia”. A VERY real cause of death. When someone is pinned to a hard surface…like asphalt….by a lot of weight, in this case at LEAST six hundred pounds, the body is not capable of expanding the lungs adequately enough to exchange air. This causes oxygen deficit, suffocation and tissue death just as SURELY as if they had tied a plastic bag over his head. The police pinned him to the ground for MORE THAN NINE MINUTES almost ALL of that after he was handcuffed and SEVERAL MINUTES after he ceased talking….indicating he was unconscious. The police KILLED George Floyd. Whether he may or may not have died from an overdose can NEVER BE KNOWN
    because he didn’t live long enough for that to happen. The police in this case committed Manslaughter. They committed a WILLFUL ACT of violence that cost a life….and they did so AFTER the legal justification for using force CEASED. ALL that matters in this case is WHAT IS THE LAW SAYS and WHAT THE POLICE DID. What color anyone is, what crime they may or may not have committed……IRRELEVANT. ALL THAT MATTERS IS THE LAW AND WHAT HAPPENED. And the video shows beyond ANY DOUBT that the police ILLEGALLY killed someone.

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