Crazy Old White Woman pretends to still be relevant

Great news kids! Hillary Clinton is going to tell all of us redneck gun owners how dysfunctional we all are

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is offering her take on what she believes is a “gun-worshipping” problem in the United States.

On an episode of the “Just Something About Her with Jennifer Palmieri” podcast, Clinton explained, “It’s clear that we have a gun-worshipping problem in America. This goes far beyond any kind of Constitutional right which in my opinion as a recovering lawyer was misinterpreted by the Supreme Court.”

She noted her husband, former President Bill Clinton, worked with Congress to pass a ban on assault weapons. The Public Safety and Recreational Firearms Use Protection Act, also called the Federal Assault Weapons Ban, was signed in 1994.

Yes, and it had zero impact on violent crime, of course gun control is not intended to reduce violence is it………….

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