Veep’s niece is quite the bigot

Open mouth, insert foot!

Vice President Kamala Harris’ niece Meena Harris deleted a tweet about the Boulder shooting suspect after assuming the shooter was white.

“I deleted a previous tweet about the suspect in the Boulder shooting,” the 36-year-old New York Times best-selling author wrote on Twitter Tuesday. The tweet came after reports revealed the identity of the suspect police had in custody.

She is soft selling her open bigotry, here is here “oops” Tweet

The Tweet she deleted? It was recorded by executive Producer of “The Megyn Kelly Show” podcast Steve Krakauer tweeted a screenshot of what he said was Meena’s since-deleted post labeling “white men” as the country’s “greatest terrorist threat.”

Yep, looks like she is a bigot, she would call it “woke” I am sure. The Cancel Culture likely will not come for her. Wanna guess why? Black Leftist Privilege anyone? While it is good she retracted her overtly racist ASSumption, I hope she realizes that she should seek help for her hatred of those different than her

3 thoughts on “Veep’s niece is quite the bigot”

    1. To make it to the Times Best seller list you only need to have fifty unions buy your books. That still makes her an asshole and a flaming racist.

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