The “Anti-Racist” Left’s latest racist attack on White men

Stacy McCain, sees right through the left’s BS, and warns them they are playing with fire

 Inevitably, however, in the wake of the Atlanta massage parlor massacre, we get takes like this:

Asian Women Have Always Been
a Deadly Obsession of White Men

Notice the lack of qualifiers there. “Always” white men everywhere have universally been guilty of this “deadly obsession” — or so we are expected to believe because this one guy in Atlanta, who police confirmed frequented Asian massage parlors, went on a murderous rampage.

Your honor, I plead not guilty.

Now the money quote

This idea of collective blame is the essence of racism. It is also the negation of the core concept of individual responsibility.

Bigotry, in all its forms is something the left uses as easily as the breathe. Again, a reminder, truth, as a value, means squat to leftists. Go read the rest of McCain’s piece and pass it around

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