Morning Joe-Useful Idiot

What an absolute buffoon

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough on Wednesday proved, yet again, that there’s no vile slander he won’t use in order to harm the Republican Party. On Morning Joe, the show’s cast blamed the Republican Party for the murder of eight people, including six Asian-American women, in Atlanta on Tuesday.

Scarborough, despite recognizing the problem of jumping to conclusions without evidence, jumped to conclusions when he asked Republican-turned Democrat Kurt Bardella, “While we can’t jump — police officers won’t want us jumping to any quick conclusions now, it certainly looks like some of your greatest fears in that column last week were recognized in Atlanta last night.

According to Bardella, “This is a systemic problem right now that’s reached crisis point” for which the Republican Party is to blame, “Why have we seen, according to new data, this huge uptick in violence against Asian-Americans? Why are we seeing 150% hate crimes against the AAIP community all coincides with the timing of the rhetoric of the Republican Party using terms like China Virus and Kung Flu.” 

The latest fake crisis from the left!

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