Meghan Markle could learn a lot from 14-year-old Princess Elizabeth

The Other McCain weighs in on the latest drama from a spoiled brat named Meghan who paints herself as so many people do these days, as a victim

What sort of suffering has Meghan Markle ever endured that could be compared to what the English people endured during World War II?

In October 1940, when 14-year-old Princess Elizabeth went on the BBC to assure her nation’s children that “God will care for us,” England had been under attack by Hitler’s Luftwaffe for three months. More than 14,000 British civilians died during the Nazi bombing campaign, to say nothing of the hundreds of brave RAF pilots who died in aerial combat against the Germans. England was entirely alone against Hitler for more than a year between the collapse of France in June 1940 and the U.S. entry into the war in December 1941. What enormous sacrifices the British people made, and what terrible hardships they endured, during that lonely fight against Hitler’s war machine, ought to inspire eternal admiration. Alas, most of us have forgotten what the British did in “their finest hour,” just as we have forgotten our own courageous history:

Go read it all, and be sure to click through nd read Stacy McCain’s entire column at The American Spectator

5 thoughts on “Meghan Markle could learn a lot from 14-year-old Princess Elizabeth”

  1. Some spoiled brats never have to grow up, and so they don’t. I didn’t bother watching the interview, but my wife did. She told me snippets of the interview, how Meghan said something like she could not show the baby at birth because the “Firm” was afraid it might not be white. And now Prince Charles is not allowed to speak to Harry until he becomes King. The entire thing sounded to me like a couple of little spoiled children complaining that they didn’t get their fair share of some inheritance, when they have millions plus a place to live, just signed a 100 million dollar netflix deal, get a million dollars for every speaking event, and on and on.
    I knew the Queen had been an inspiration during the war for her people, and I have never forgotten that. I saw a movie called The Queen, I think, that attempted to show how the royal family acted at Princess Diana’s death, and it made the Queen out to be a horrific person. I thought it was not fair to her, after everything she had done for her nation over the years.
    I know that you cannot help who you fall in love with, but knowing that you are part of the royal family, one would think that you would only date people that fit within the type that would fit within the structure of that family and could handle such expectation that might be required of them.
    Or, if you turn your back on your family, the least you could do , is not shit on them with Oprah, on a television interview, and then act like it was the families fault that you have hurt feelings. Some people should grow up.

  2. Britain was under the very real threat of invasion. They strongly encouraged the royal family to evacuate to Canada, but Queen Mary replied that “the King will not leave his people, and I and the children will not leave him.” That is courage.

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